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How to buy Tokyo 2020 Olympic game tickets? The comprehensive Ticket Purchase Guide by Tokyo resident

If you want to buy Tokyo 2020 Olympic game tickets, you must move quickly.

Tokyo 2020 Official Ticket Website is available now and the ticket lottery will be conducted on June 20th, 2019.

This is a quick guide to show you how to purchase Tokyo 2020 Olympic game for residents of Japan.

Contents of this article

Want to know how to buy Olympic game tickets? Then this article is for you!

  1. Want to purchase 2020 Tokyo Olympic game tickets.
  2. You are resident of Japan. (At least having address in Japan)
  3. You have Japanese SIM cards.


You must meet following conditions to purchase Tokyo 2020 Olympic tickets in Japan.

  1. You are currently living in Japan.
  2. You have Japanese SIM cards.
Are you from Overseas?

If you are not living in Japan, you are not eligible to purchase tickets from the Tokyo 2020 Official Ticket Website. Please contact your local Olympic committee Website.

4 Steps to purchase Tokyo Olympic game tickets.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic scheduleSource: Official Ticket WebSite (Click the picture to enlarge)

Professor Olympic
Let me show you step-by-step process.

  • 1.Resigster Tokyo 2020 ID
  • 2.Complete application process (Due May-28th) Select tickets you want to buy and complete application process.
  • 3.Announcement of ticket lottery result (Due June-20th) Pray!!
  • 4.Purchase tickets (Due July-2nd)If you are lucky, select payment method and purchase tickets.

1. Resigster Tokyo 2020 ID

You need to have Tokyo 2020 ID to purchse tickets. Please follow instructions in below.

2. Complete application process (Due May-28th)

You can purchase tickets from Tokyo 2020 Official Ticket Website, see below link.

Step by step lottery Application guide is available as well.

3. Announcement of ticket lottery result (Due June-20th)

The lottery winner will be selected and announced on June-20th, 2019. The result will available at the Official Tifcket Website and via e-mail. Make sure to check the “My Ticket” page of the Official Ticket Website for their lottery results.

4. Purchase tickets (Due July-2nd)

If you won the lottery, you must purchase ALL of your tickets no later than July-2nd, 2019 or your rights will be expired.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the Tokyo Olympic tickets?

高額チケット2 for over 5400(USD) or 4800(EUR) - I wish I could buy 'em.

The most expensive ticket in Tokyo Olympic tickets is the Opening Ceremony. The best seat, A type, costs 300,000JPY, over 2,700USD or 2,400EUR per seat.

How to improve the chance of winning the Lottery?

We have following theory to maximize our chances to win.

Theory #1

Choose 2nd expensive seats. According to the behavioral psychology in Japan, Japanese people tends to choose second cheapest tickets. For example, we have 5 ticket types, A, B, C, D and E respectively. I would apply type C or type D seat since it would be, if my theory was correct, least popular, thus more chances to win.

Theory #2

Choose less popular sport discipline if you want to win at least one ticket. Participation is more important than winning! Do you agree?

Can I buy tickets for my friend living in back home?

Yes, you can!. You can purchase ticket for your firend, famiily who lives in outside of Japan as long as you are in Japan.

How many tickets can I apply for ticket lottery?

You can request up to 60 tickets for lottery, but you can win up to 30 tickets.

What if my shchedule changes and will not be able to use the expensive tickets that I purchase?

You can re-sell your purchased ticket on the Official Ticket Website. Reselling feature will be abailable in 2020, so that you have to keep your expensive tickets by that time.

Professor Olympic
Good luck to you!

Olympic Monster
Hope you can win the lottery!


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